When Called to Duty

Military Deployment: What do I do when called to active duty?

When students are called to active military duty, it is the university’s intention to make their transition out of the university as smooth and problem-free as possible. 

Contact either Certifying Official in Military and Veterans Services (Shyloe Mayle OR Gina Lee) to initiate this process and discuss the steps you will need to take to withdraw. For a review of the steps required when you learn that you will be deployed, visit the Military Call to Active Duty page. In addition, you will need to work with your assigned academic advisor or Emilia Louy, MVS senior academic advisor.

How do I return to Ohio State after serving on active military duty?

If you have taken classes at Ohio State, were called to active military duty, and now wish to return, information is available here about what is needed to re-enr​oll in classes and to be eligible for federal financial aid. We also recommend that you take the following steps to ensure a smooth transition to the university as a whole:

  1. Contact Shyloe Stark (614-292-6908) or Gina Lee (614-292-3453) in Military and Veterans Services to be sure that your GI Bill® Benefits are confirmed for your enrollment.
  2. Confirm your housing. If you want to live on campus, contact the Housing and Residence Education office. If you want to live off-campus, contact Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement for information regarding available off-campus housing and for assistance in finding a roommate.
  3. If applicable, contact Student Life Disability Services to arrange for accommodations in the classroom.
  4. Re-establish connections. If you have previously received counseling or medical care from the university or the VA, be sure to make contact with those offices to begin receiving services.​
An older gentleman in a Block O coat greets a middle aged man in uniform on campus.