Locating Housing

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is taking decisive action to end veteran homelessness. All veterans at risk for homelessness or attempting to exit homelessness must have easy access to programs and services, which include vouchers and Section 8-type assistance, help for veterans whose homes are at risk of foreclosure, shelters and more. Visit this page for more details.​

Ohio State Veterans House

The Veterans House is a homelike housing option for students who are veterans, active duty, reserves and National Guard. It is located three blocks from campus. Single and double occupancy furnished rooms with a 10- or 12-month contract are available.

For availability and more information, contact Housing and Residence Education at 614-292-8266.


University Housing

​Living on campus

Housing and Residence Education works with students on an individual basis to identify and offer accommodations that will best meet their needs. In addition to the convenience of living near your classes, living on campus can enable you to connect with other students and to engage more fully in university life. 


Off-Campus Housing

The Willie J. Young, Sr. Off Campus And Commuter Student Engagement office is Ohio State's central resource for off-campus housing and off-campus living information and education. This office provides direct customer support online and in-person and engages students, parents, landlords, permanent residents, businesses, city officials and university personnel to better serve the unique needs of our diverse community.

Additionally, they serve as a primary contact point for students in need of off-campus housing information and assistance. The office maintains an online housing search and roommate search for the university's campus communities.  

The department and its student employees assist students, parents and the off-campus community through in-person office visits, phone calls and emails by providing timely and thorough information regarding off-campus housing and living.

This office is committed to student safety on and off campus. With the support of university area landlords and Undergraduate Student Government, they distribute window/door alarms and safety timers to students at no cost and they partner with the Columbus Fire Department, providing free home-visits to assess the safety, security and sustainability of off-campus properties as well as to provide in-home education. Students may schedule a free in-home visit at their convenience Monday through Friday; a home-visit is easy and convenient, typically taking no longer than 20 minutes.     

Programs and resources ease the transition to off-campus living. The Off-Campus Living Guide is a comprehensive publication that covers off-campus living and resources available to students. The guide is a valuable tool students can refer to throughout their off-campus experience and is available from this office.

This office team delivers housing, living and safety workshops on-campus throughout the academic year through the First-Year Success Series and Second-Year Transformational Experience Program, in addition to workshops requested by residence halls, staff, faculty and student groups. These workshops focus on moving of -campus and safety on and off campus. The workshops are designed to provide essential life skills education.

A roommate search option is available with a filter specifically for military and veteran students. ​Learn more on the Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement page.  

The office's mission is to improve the quality of off-campus life, enhance the vibrancy of the university area, and create an extraordinary off-campus experience. Regardless of where students choose to live, The Office of Student Life Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services (OCCSS) works hard to keep students safe, engaged and informed. Please call 614-292-0100 with any questions.