Peer Sponsors

3rd & Goal Foundation Peer 2 Peer Sponsor Program


The 3rd & Goal Foundation Peer 2 Peer Sponsor Program at Ohio State is designed to help incoming student veterans and service members make a smooth transition from the military to the college environment. A peer sponsor is an experienced, energetic student veteran or service member who maintains weekly contact with new veterans on the Columbus campus via face-to-face meetings, telephone and email. Peer sponsors communicate information, encouragement and guidance to new student veterans during their first semester and are primary points of contact for asking questions about college life and veteran education benefits.


The primary roles of a 3rd & Goal Peer Sponsor are to build trust and to assist veterans and service members with overcoming transitional challenges. Throughout the relationship, peer sponsors​ may provide guidance and recommendations in areas of university life including, but not limited to, suggestions on getting involved with student organizations, guidance toward academic and life support resources, introduction to other students, assistance with applying for benefits, the class registration process and referrals to the VetSuccess on Campus Counselor for interventions and counseling.​


Meet our 3rd & Goal Foundation Peer 2 Peer Sponsors

Noah Beaulieu

Role: Peer Sponsor 
Branch: Army
Academic Program: Bachelor's in political science with law school to follow  
Hometown: Southington, CT 
Reason for Choosing Ohio State: While working as a security contractor over seas I started to apply to colleges. Ohio State was very accommodating and understanding of the time difference while I was applying. This made choosing Ohio State an easy choice.
Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: Plan for a significant time spent learning how to study and studying, then triple it. Get out of your room and house to study. Leave your phone at home when you go to study. Studying is going to be your biggest "to do" event for the next couple of years, studying well will make everything a lot easier.
Most Influential Experience at Ohio State: Joining the various clubs that campus has. I'm a coach in the boxing club and a member of CRU here at Ohio State and I love every moment of it.
Most Useful Campus Resource: The veterans lounge - 1132 Smith Labs. In some cases, your peers in class are going to be very young and relating may take some getting used to. The veteran's lounge is always filled with people who share similar experiences as you do. If you visit the MVS Office (185 SAS Building) and provide your BuckID numbers to us, we can grant you swipe access to the Lounge.
Favorite thing to do in Columbus: There are a surprising amount of heavily wood parks, trails, and neighborhoods that you can take a walk through. Most places don't even seem like they're in a city which is very nice.  

Morgan Buck

Academic Program: B.S. in Biochemistry
Hometown: Ashville, OH
Reason for choosing Ohio State: I have grown up a Buckeyes fan. However I never envisioned myself going here. But, everything started to work perfectly at Ohio State, and I knew it was a great fit for me. I'm so excited I chose THE Ohio State University!
Biggest Tip: Ohio State is a huge school; sometimes it can feel lonely with so many people, so get connected. Talk to the strangers next to you in class, go to the cycling class, go to the hockey game, try the new club because you never know who you will meet and what opportunities or passions you might find. 
Most Influential experience: Being a member of Buckeyethon, I attended  the 24 hour Dance Marathon and celebrated with kids who have battled cancer. My eyes were opened to see how many children and families are affected by cancer and other life-threatening disorders. Being able to make a difference in their lives and bring awareness has been the best experience at Ohio State.
Most Useful Resource: As a biochemistry major, classes can get tough. Sometimes I study and study and still it doesn't make much sense. Fortunately, Ohio State offers many places to get help in those extra hard classes and even has tutoring services specialized for military and veterans.
Favorite thing on campus: I really enjoy all of the sporting events at Ohio State. The atmosphere of the Buckeyes football games is unbeatable. This winter, I especially liked going to the women's basketball games. Going to different sporting events is a fun way to show our school's pride and occasionally they give out free stuff too!

Allyson Fraley

Role: Peer Sponsor
Branch: Army
Academic Program: BA in Environmental, Economic, Development, and Sustainability with a specialization in business and sustainability
Hometown: Findlay, OH
Reason for Choosing Ohio State: I grew up a Buckeye fan, and Ohio State has been my dream school for as long as I can remember. The way Ohio State accommodates military/veterans made my decision even easier.
Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: Get involved on campus as much as you can! That's the best way to meet friends and make connections for the future. Don't be afraid to ask for help because we have all been in the same shoes once and the buckeye community is here to help one another.
Most Influential Experience at Ohio State: Attending football games and being proud to be a buckeye. Nothing beats being in the student section with all your friends.
Most Useful Campus Resource: Buckeye Food Alliance is a food pantry on campus that helps students reduce food insecurity. They have great food choices and accommodating hours to help in any way they can. It has helped me in many ways get through.
Favorite thing to do in Columbus: I enjoy going to all the local restaurants. I'm a total foodie.

Santiago Booeshaghi

Role: Peer Sponsor
Branch: Air Force ROTC
Academic Program: Public Affairs Journalism
Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida
Reason for Choosing Ohio State: The tight-knit Buckeye community!
Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: Join those clubs and go to the meetings! You are not alone in searching for your community and you will find it.
Most Influential Experience at Ohio State: Immersion of different cultures through different social clubs!
Most Useful Campus Resource: Definitely D-TIX!
Favorite thing to do in Columbus: Go to local festivals and events! Anything that allows me to explore and experience Columbus in any way.

Carson Craig

Role: Peer Sponsor
Branch: Army NG
Academic Program: BSBA Finance
Hometown: Washington, PA
Reason for Choosing Ohio State: The opportunistic nature and expansive list of possibilities post-graduation. Alongside this, Fisher is a highly accredited business school nationwide.
Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: Create a network and lean on the people who have been in your shoes.
Most Influential Experience at Ohio State: Participating in the 9/11 memorial stair climb at The Shoe to honor and commemorate those lost during 9/11 and the military response and conflicts following.
Most Useful Campus Resource: Your TAs will be your best friend if you let them be.
Favorite thing to do in Columbus: Go for a run on Olentangy Trail or watching the Buckeyes play.