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In addition to our Campus Mentorship Opportunity, The Military and Veterans Services office is also connecting with two other mentoring opportunities for our student veterans and service-connected students.  More information can be found at each of the below listed sites.

The Columbus Rotary

The Overwatch Partnership


Opportunities to be mentored by those both on and off campus exist for military affiliated and student veterans at The Ohio State University.  


*May be new to the community and don't know anyone

*Need to establish their new "tribe"

*May not always feel comfortable asking for help

*May be adjusting to the socialization side of college


*Leaders     *Role Models     *Coaches     *Teachers     *Advocates     *Listeners     *Sounding Boards     *Encouragers     *Influencers     *Accountability Partners

Currently, the Major Lawrence Miller Veteran Community Advocate Program Campus Mentorship Opportunity is designed to connect Veteran and Military associated undergraduate students that plan on pursuing a graduate, professional or similar type of degree, with a Veteran or Military associated Graduate student, Faculty member, or campus professional as their mentor.  Our goal is to help Veteran and Military undergraduate students become more successful in pursuing higher degrees and educational accomplishments by providing the experience and insight of those who have been able to successfully navigate higher levels of education and professionalism.

If you are interested in connecting with this program, please follow the appropriate link below to be mentored (mentee) or serving as a mentor.

Please fill out this survey if you are interested in becoming a MENTEE:


Please fill out this survey if you are interested in becoming a MENTOR: