Opportunities to be mentored by those on and off campus exist for military-affiliated and student veterans at The Ohio State University.  

Veteran benefits from mentoring:

  • May be new to the community and don't know anyone
  • Need to establish their new "tribe"
  • May not always feel comfortable asking for help
  • May be adjusting to the socialization side of college

Mentors are:

  • Leaders 
  • Role Models 
  • Coaches 
  • Teachers
  • Advocates 
  • Listeners 
  • Sounding Boards 
  • Encouragers 
  • Influencers 
  • Accountability Partners
I have volunteered my time both through the Ohio State veteran network as well as other channels of mentorship offered for veterans of every age. During my time after separation, I was the benefactor of mentorship from many caring people. One of the mentors even made a connection to a senior leader a today. Leveraging these relationships that are made over different seasons within your life & career can open doors that you did not realize existed.
Jon Dixon ’17