Making the Transition to Ohio State

Going from military life to the life of a college student can be a significant change. Below, you will find a collection of resources for students who need to register for classes, services or financial assistance. It includes other important documents and applications as well.​

There is a student lounge on the Columbus campus for active duty, guard, reserve and veteran students in 1132 Smith Lab. You may gain swipe access by visiting the Military and Veterans Services office and providing your BuckID information. The lounge is used for quiet study, socializing, and programming. It also has lockers, which may be checked out, and a small kitchenette.

Cadets walking through campus during ceremony

Registering for Health Care

As a condition of enrollment, The Ohio State University requires students to have some form of comprehensive health insurance. As a veteran, you have the option of selecting the Student Health Insurance plan, utilizing the VA Healthcare benefits for which you may be eligible or utilizing your parents' private insurance if you qualify. 

The Comprehensive Student Health Insurance Plan​ covers inpatient and outpatient medical and mental health care, some preventative/well care, pharmacy, dental and vision. Check with our office at 614-247-VETS to see if your particular benefits will cover the Health Insurance Plan.

If you are already utilizing the VA health benefits or your parents' private insurance but would like to supplement that plan with in-network coverage when you are on campus, you should consider purchasing Student Health Insurance.

Visit the VA Health Care benefits page for more information.

Registering for Services

Student Life Disability Services            

Student Life Disability Services (SLDS) offers a variety of individualized accommodations and support services for students with documented disabilities, including learning disabilities, deafness/hearing difficulty, blindness/low vision, mobility limitations, attention deficit disorders (ADD/ ADHD), psychiatric conditions, medical disabilities, temporary disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.

The mission of Student Life Disability Services is to collaborate with and empower students who have disabilities in order to coordinate support services and programs that enable equal access to an education and university life. To speak with a counselor from SLDS to discuss referral options and potential services for a student that may need accommodations, please call 614-292-3307. Our meetings and contact will be discreet and CONFIDENTIAL. You may also learn more about services available to our veteran community. Importantutilizing Ohio State services WILL NOT affect your VA Disability Rating nor your eligibility for VA Medical Care.

Counseling and Consultation Services

Counselors at Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS) are available to enrolled students and can help with trauma, stress, life transitions and other personal matters. Call 614-292-5766 to arrange an appointment with a counselor. All enrolled students are entitled to ten free visits, regardless of medical coverage. You may also speak with counselor Shivani Edwards, by calling 614-292-5766​ and mentioning your veteran status when scheduling an appointment. ​

​Code of Student Conduct

The Code of Student Conduct is established to foster and protect the core missions of the university, to foster the scholarly and civic development of the university's students in a safe and secure learning environment, and to protect the people, properties and processes that support the university and its missions. The core missions of the university are research, teaching and learning, and service. Preservation of academic freedom and free and open exchange of ideas and opinions for all members of the university are central to these missions. 

​Academic & Career Exploration

When you chose Ohio State, you made an important investment in your future. At Ohio State, you can connect your goals, your academics and your future career with a number of services and resources that are available to you.

Did you know that Ohio State offers over 300 different majors and hundreds of minors? You can search a list of majors here. If you are undecided on a major, visit the Univ​​ersity Exploration website​. University Exploration has advisors to help student veterans who are: undecided about a major, interested in taking general courses before choosing a major, decided on a major but haven't met the entrance requirements or interested in switching majors. University Exploration advisors help student veterans find majors that align with their interests, abilities, values, and goals. Visit the Academic Resources page for information on choosing a major and working with your academic advisor.

Buckeye Careers provides individualized career assistance to student veterans to help you clarify their goals, connect majors to careers and explore personal concerns related to career decisions. Buckeye Careers staff can also assist with developing resumes and cover letters, interviewing skills and job search strategies.​

Academic Calendar

Review the Academic Calendar to learn when classes are in session, payment due dates and university closings.