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​​​Community Advocates



Maj. Lawrence Miller

Military Community Advocate​

Office Directory​

​Regional Campus - ATI/Wooster
​Maria Chellis.15
​Regional Campus - Lima
​Regional Campus - Mansfield
​Regional Campus - Marion
​Regional Campus - Newark
​Battelle Center for Science, Engineering and Public Policy
​Ayana Williams.6869
​College of Arts and Sciences (History)
​Gage Adkins.666
​College of Dentistry
​Paul Georgin.2
​College of Engineering
​Zaid Ghaben.1
​College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

​College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

College of Medicine - Outreach
Charlee Smith.13045

Sarah Ellis.1093
​College of Public Health
​Cameron McCullough.319

​College of Social Work - Grad

​Doug Clay.328

​College of Social Work - Undergrad

College of Veterinary Medicine

Richard McEnhill.2

​Fisher College of Business - MBA Program
​JR Ramsey.584
​Fisher College of Business - Undergrad

Jake Rutherford.183
​Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship
​Elizabeth Kruggel.6
​Knowlton School of Architecture
​Edwin Juarez.40
​Office of Research - Traumatic Brain Injury
Caleb Oberrath.4
​School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
​Sadie Vaughn.290
Athletic Fan Experience

Leah Pultz.10
​Buckeye Careers

​Disability Services
​Caroline Parr.105
​LGBTQ+ Initiatives
​Hanbum Kim.3119
​MVS Mentoring Programs
​Dave Hibler.10
Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement​Zach Feltner.25
​Parent and Family Relations
Melissa Pedersen.80
​Recreational Sports
​Brian Finley.264
​Student Legal Services
​Dylan Page.399
​Suicide Prevention
​Jena Hickman.379
​Undergraduate Admissions
William Puckett.141
​Student Veterans Association
Matthew Dressel.32
​Student Wellness Center
​Ryan Vespi.3
​Women's Initiatives
​Brandi Wooten.120