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Training for Faculty/Staff

What do you think of when you hear "Student-Veteran," or "Military Student?" Do you have military and veteran students in your class, or seeking services from your office? How do you know? Does it make a difference? What needs might they have? How could you help them, and where should you refer them?

Ohio State University is home to 2,180 service-connected students.  These students have often been described as "non-traditional" students, and often...

·         are over 25 or over 30

·         are married

·         have children

·         may experience Post-Traumatic Stress

·         have been deployed, and have seen combat

OSU also employs more than 1200 faculty and staff that are veterans.  You may teach or work with a Veteran -- you just may not know it. 

Many of these men and women will show up on our campuses to complete Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates, JDs and MDs.  In fact, we have a sizeable population in every one of these programs now!  Today's students face a three-fold transitional challenge, each with its own set of difficulties:  Becoming a college student, returning to civilian life, and in many cases having seen combat duty.  Couple this with increasing economic, academic and social pressures, which can lead to emotional distress, depression, and anxiety. These conditions may also compromise students' academic achievements affecting their ability to stay in school. 

The Military and Veterans Services office aims to assist all service-connected students with the resources they need to be successful not only during their time at OSU, but also beyond.  Faculty members, GTAs, and staff members who work with students can play an important role in ensuring student-veterans receive the help and support they need. Working with students on a daily-basis provides a unique opportunity to notice warning signs of issues and to point the student in the right direction for help. 

Please contact our office if you or your work team would like to know more about campus resources for service-connected students.  We are available to provide informational trainings that not only overview the services in our office but include strategies to help our students be successful on campus.