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Kyle Hausmann-​Stokes​

Student Veteran Panel​
Today's Veteran Panel​


"Today's Veteran" Conference

Keynote Speaker

SSG Kyle Hausmann-Stokes

Take a dynamic firsthand look at the life of a student-Veteran with Iraq combat Veteran and award-winning fillmmaker, Kyle Hausmann-Stokes.

SSG Kyle Hausmann-Stokes (US Army Ret.) served five years in the Army's Airborne Infantry and as a Squad Leader/Convoy Commander during yearlong combat tour in Iraq. For his meritorious service and actions under fire, SSG Hausmann-Stokes was awarded the Bronze Star.

Ever dedicated to "telling the soldier's story," Kyle completed film studies/received honors at ASU, UCLA, Universidad de Madrid, and in 2010, completed his degree at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Kyle's soldier-centered films have won various awards at national film festivals and his autobiographical PTSD short ("Now, After") was received so well by the VA that it is currently used in hospitals, universities, police stations, and courtrooms across the country.

In his keynote address, Kyle shared his cinematographic look at the life of a student-Veteran and speak about his personal experiences.

Read more about Kyle at his website and in this Vantage Point article.

Teaching Student-Veterans
University Center for the Advancement of Teaching

In this session we will engage in discussion about the diversity and complexity of the student-veteran population. We will explore ways to design courses and engage student-veteran learners in a way that takes their needs into account. We will also share resources or support in teaching student-veterans.

Easing the Transition
InterACT Theatre Troupe

What do veterans experience upon returning to the university and how can we assist in their transition? The InterACT theatre troupe will highlight some of the experiences of returning student veterans and offer an interactive audience Q & A. The discussion will explore options for instructor assistance with the transition from active duty to life on campus.

This experience will take place during lunch, catered by the Ohio Union.

Suicide Prevention Training
Campus Suicide Prevention Program

According to a study conducted by the National Center for Veterans Studies, a startling 46% of veterans enrolled in college have thought about suicide, and 20% have come up with a plan for completing suicide. In this session, a certified instructor from Ohio State’s Campus Suicide Prevention Training Program will teach participants about prevention and early intervention techniques designed to help save a life from suicide. The training will provide the necessary knowledge and skills required to recognize warning signs and risk factors for suicide and highlight available campus and community resources, while focusing on the particular needs of student-veterans.

Panel: “Today’s Student-Veteran”
OSU Veterans Affairs, Counseling & Consultation Service, and the Veterans Administration

Join Moderator Karen Kyle, Director of the Student Advocacy Center, as she leads a discussion of who today’s veterans are, what challenges they face, and how are they like and different from both today’s students and past veterans. Special emphasis will be placed on particular stresses facing the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Panel members include James Beauchemin, Clinician and Psychiatric Counselor, OSU Counseling & Consultation Services; Teresa McCarty, Program Manager for Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom Veterans at the Chalmers P. Wylie VA Ambulatory Care Center in Columbus; and Michael Carrell, OSU’s Veterans Resource Analyst and retired Air Force Colonel.

Student Panel: "My Experience as a Student-Veteran"

Listen to our own OSU students as they describe issues facing them such as transitioning from the military to civilian & college life, acceptance on campus, differences from other students, academic issues, financial challenges, and what it means to be a student-veteran on our campus. Led by Senior Anna Rice, past President of the OSU chapter of Vets4Vets, a national student support organization.

"Where Do We Go From Here?"

Now that you have engaged in learning and discussion about today’s student veteran, this session will answer your question, “What next?” We will introduce you to the university’s new website designed specifically for veterans, offer information regarding the many resources the university offers to veterans and those who work with them, and give a sneak preview of what the future holds for services for student-veterans.

Sponsored by: Student Life, University Center for the Advancement of Teaching, Undergraduate Education, OSU Veterans Affairs, Vets4Vets