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Faculty & Staff Resources 

15 Things Veterans Want You to Know

This brief educational video provides you with information that student veterans think you would find helpful about building a relationship with them.  One may view additional modules on a variety of topics by registering here.

Employment Policies

This link provides a downloadable pdf file of Ohio State's official Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Non-Discrimination/Harassment Policy for faculty, staff, student employees and applicants.

Military Leave/Reemployment Rights Policy 6.35

A downloadable pdf from Ohio States' Office of Human Resources: Military Leave/Reemployment Rights policy for faculty and staff.  

Valuing Our Veterans: Support and Assistance

University Policy supporting Service Members and Veteran Students applicable to faculty, staff, student employees, students, and volunteers. 

Ohio Values Veterans--Ohio Board of Regents

A link to the Ohio Department of Higher Education's comprehensive site to support Veterans in higher education including resources for Faculty & Staff

Ohio Higher Education Veterans Toolkit

This link to the Ohio Department of Higher Education Toolkit covers area for Faculty & Staff including:  Awarding College Credit to Veterans, Military & Veterans Campus Services, Enrollment Services, Policies, and Training.

Ohio's College Credit for Military Experience and Education

A link to the state of Ohio’s law and policies for awarding college credit for Military education, training, and experience.  This is aligned through MTAGs, TAGs, and CTAGs and their associated Faculty Panels