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OSU Online​​

Online Programs

Ohio State offers a limited, but growing number of Online Programs taught by the same faculty, with the same admissions standards, and the same high-caliber learning experience as traditional degrees earned on campus. Ohio State’s Online Programs offer a more flexible way for former and current military students to earn a college degree any time, anywhere. Tuition for online degrees is eligible for the GI Bill® or other military tuition assistance awards. Visit the Online Programs website or contact your advisor to learn more.

Online education will play an increasingly important role in Ohio State’s vision to be the leading land-grant university of the world. By having the opportunity for uncapped enrollment and to expand into new territories, Online Programs by Ohio State will help lead the university into the future of higher education.


OSU Advantage:

Ohio State now offers distance education programs. Use your GI Bill® or military tuition assistance and checkout or speak with your advisor to learn more. ​