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​Choosing a Major

Did you know that Ohio State offers over 175 different majors and hundreds of minors?  You can search a list of majors here

If you are undecided on a major, visit the University Exploration homepage.  University Exploration has advisors to help student veterans who are: undecided about a major, interested in taking general courses before choosing a major, decided on a major but haven't met the prerequisite criteria for adm​iss​​ion, or interested in switching majors.  University Exploration advisors help student veterans find majors that align with their interests, abilities, values, and goals.

You are also welcome to see Emilia Louy, the MVS Sr. Academic Advisor.  Emilia is available via appointment or drop-in hours. 

- E-mail: 

- Phone: 614-292-0795

Visit the Academi​c Advising webpage of this site for more information on choosing a major and working with your college's academic advisor.