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Ohio State's Military and Veterans Services​

Military and Veterans Services is the university's single point of contact for all military and veterans services and concerns.  The office strives to ensure the academic success of Ohio State's student-veterans.  Any student utilizing VA education benefits must work with this office as part of their registration and enrollment in The Ohio State University.    Military and Veterans Services is part of the Undergraduate Education area, as are Air Force ROTCArmy ROTC, and Naval ROTC.

Some of the office's services include:

  • Manage the VA certification and registration for all Veterans education benefits to which Student-Veterans and dependents are entitled. 

  • Coordinate all VA education benefit and payment activities with Buckeye Link, the Office of the Registrar, the Bursar, Financial Aid, and Student Records. 

  • Coordinate the Tri-Service ROTC programs & policies with university offices and enable the cadre to deliver military instruction to meet their services' needs for commissioned officers.

  • Assist students with accessing essential university services such as Academic Exploration & Advising, Student Advocacy, Counseling & Consultation, and Student Life Disability Services. 

  • Connect students with State and Federal agencies that support military-connected students and their families. 

Our Location & Hours:

185 Student Academic Services Building  (Mon-Thurs 8:30am-4:30pm; Fri 8:30am-4pm)   

281 W. Lane Ave, Columbus, OH 43210

Phone:  614-247-VETS (8387)



Our Staff

Shyloe Stark, Senior Veterans Benefits Specialist, 614-292-6908 (

Gina Lee, Veterans Benefits Specialist, 614-292-3453 (

Emilia Louy, Senior Undergraduate Academic Advisor, 614-292-0795 (

For students to schedule an academic advising appointment with Emilia Louy, please click here.

Janet Steinbacher, Program Manager for Student Initiatives, 614-688-2060 (

Michael Forrest, Director of Veteran Transitions & Services, 614-292-7047 (

Kevin Cullen, Assistant Vice Provost and Director Military and Veterans Services, 614-247-4657 (

Our office is also supported by:

Brett Mack, Dept of VA, VetSuccess on Campus Counselor, 614-247-VETS  (

We look forward to serving you!

Kevin Cullen, Colonel, USAF (Ret)
Assistant Vice Provost/Director Military and Veterans Services
Mike Forrest, Major,  USA  (Ret)
Director Veterans Transitions and Services

Shyloe Stark
Sr. Veterans Benefits Specialist

Gina Lee
Veterans Benefits Specialist

Emilia Louy
Sr. Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Janet Steinbacher
Program Manager - Student Initiatives

Brett Mack
Veterans Success on Campus Counselor

Executive Assistant


OSU Counseling and Consultation Services: Shivani Edwards will have appointments in the Younkin Success Center available for Military-Connected Students.  To schedule, please call the center at 614-292-5766--please note that you are a military-connected student​ when calling to expedite the process.

OSU Career Counseling and Support Services, Ryan Wilhelm (

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Vet Centers:

Vet Center Coordinator, Josh Ricketts, (

Vet Center Counselor, Jason Digiannantoni, (

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Trauma Recover/Outreach Social Worker:  John Provenzano (

"Consider that today, 50 ROTC cadets in your graduating class will become commissioned officers in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.  130 of your fellow graduates have already served -- some in combat, some on multiple deployments.  Of the 98 Veterans earning bachelor's degrees today, 20 are graduating with honors.  And at least one kept serving his fellow Veterans when he came home by helping to start up a campus organization called Vets4Vets.  As your Commander-in-Chief, I could not be prouder of all of you."  -- President Barack Obama, The Ohio State University Commencement, May 5, 2013