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Alex Hoke


Role: Peer Sponsor

Branch: Army

Academic Program: B.S. in Computer and Electrical Engineering; B.A. in Economics

Hometown: Hobe Sound, FL

Reason for Choosing Ohio State: "Legacy is important and I love having the opportunity to be the third generation of Buckeye in my family."

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: "Never be too proud or afraid to ask for help. The resources here on campus are all about maximizing your potential."

Most Influential Experience at Ohio State: "Participating in a sensing session with the university's president, Dr. Drake, and seeing first hand the dedication OSU's leadership has towards student Veterans' best interest."

Most Useful Campus Resource: "The MSLC, math doesn't have to be scary and they do a great job at making an unapproachable subject manageable."

Favorite thing to do in Columbus: "I love going to concerts and events at Express LIVE every chance I get. It's a fun, unique venue here in Columbus."

Kyle Kramer

RolePeer Sponsor

Branch: United States Marine Corps

Academic Program: Air Transportation  

Hometown: Maria Stein, OH

Reason for Choosing Ohio State: I grew up a Buckeye fan and my dream was always to attend The Ohio State University. The campus is awesome, the people are great, and I wanted to be part of Ohio State's history. 

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: Attend every single class. Sure, sometimes it seems like it will be fine to skip class, but you will be so much more successful if you go to every class. If you have online classes, attend any synchronous meetings, and if they are pre-recorded, setup a time every week to watch the lecture as if you were going in person.  

Most Influential Experience at Ohio State: Getting involved in student organizations. Vets4Vets is a great student org. I also encourage you to join a student organization that is either related to your degree / career field, or a favorite hobby of yours.
Most Useful Campus Resource: Student Life Disability Services is the most useful resource for many Ohio State students. They offer so many different services and have a wonderful staff that are dedicated to every student. Whether you need additional time to take an exam, a private room for testing, or you broke your leg and need a lift to a class across campus, they are there to help.
The second most useful resource is without a doubt the campus coffee shops. Just order ahead on Grub hub to avoid standing in line! 

Favorite thing to do in Columbus: I enjoy exploring the cities trails and parks, and also learning more about some of Columbus's historical sites and past. 

Jeff Simko


Role: Peer Sponsor

Branch: Marine Corps

Academic Program: B.S Aerospace Engineering

Hometown: Medina, OH

Reason for Choosing OSU: Growing up, I always wanted to attend OSU and when I was transitioning out of the military it was the only school I applied to.

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: Don't try to take too much on in your first semester. There's plenty of time to experience everything the university has to offer.   
Most Influential Experience at Ohio State: Getting involved with Vets4Vets when I first started at the University. It helped me branch out and I made some really good friends.
Most Useful Campus Resource: The vets lounge is a good place to start, since it's easy to get know everyone and if you have any questions about campus, classes, or tutoring there is always someone that can help you out.