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Meet our 3rd & Goal Foundation

Peer 2 Peer Sponsors

Janie Kopus


Role: Lead Peer Sponsor 

Branch: Air Force 

Academic Program: B.A in Psychology, Nurse Practitioner Track for Graduate School 

Hometown: West Liberty, OH 

Reason for Choosing Ohio State: "I have always been a huge buckeye fan, and THE Ohio State University is the only school I even considered going to." 

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: "Use the resources that are available to you, whatever they are.  Tutoring, OSU offices, advisors, etc.  It's so easy to reach out for help rather than try and figure everything out yourself." 

Most Influential Experience at Ohio State: "Going to football games at the stadium.  It makes me feel like I am part of such a strong buckeye community." 

Most Useful Campus Resource: "The RPAC.  This is a great place to go to take a break from classes because you can reduce any stress you have by exercising or even using the saunas. It's intimidating at first but once you know where everything is then you're fine."

Favorite thing to do in Columbus: "Eating.  Any food I could possibly want is within a mile radius of campus!" 

Marisa Davis

Role: Peer Sponsor  

Branch: Navy  

Academic Program: B.S in Environmental Public Health 

Hometown: London, OH  

Reason for Choosing Ohio State: "I'm just a buckeye through and through. There was never even another university considered."  

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: "Start off with an easy course load. Transitioning out of the Navy for me was not just the ending of a job and starting school, it was the physical move across the world back to Ohio and a mental transition. Starting with an easy load will allow you to adjust to your new life while still working towards your goals."  

Most Influential Experience at Ohio State: "Being a part of the flag raising ceremony at one of the football games. It was crazy to look up from the field into the fully packed stands. I never thought I would be standing there"  

Most Useful Campus Resource: "Hands down for me it was the MSLC calculus tutoring. With no doubt in my mind I would not have passed that class without it." 

Favorite thing to do in Columbus: "Exploring the local shops and eateries on foot in the different villages around Columbus. Columbus is very dog friendly so a lot of them have treats for the dogs too!" 

Noah Beaulieu


Role:  Peer Sponsor 
Branch: Army
Academic Program: Bachelor's in political science with law school to follow  
Hometown: Southington, CT 
Reason for Choosing Ohio State: "While working as a security contractor over seas I started to apply to colleges. Ohio State was very accommodating and understanding of the time difference while I was applying. This made choosing Ohio State an easy choice." 
Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: "Plan for a significant time spent learning how to study and studying, then triple it. Get out of your room and house to study. Leave your phone at home when you go to study. Studying is going to be your biggest "to do" event for the next couple of years, studying well will make everything a lot easier." 
Most Influential Experience at Ohio State: "Joining the various clubs that campus has. I'm a coach in the boxing club and a member of CRU here at Ohio State and I love every moment of it." 
Most Useful Campus Resource: "The veterans lounge - 1132 Smith Labs. In some cases, your peers in class are going to be very young and relating may take some getting used to. The veteran's lounge is always filled with people who share similar experiences as you do."  If you visit the MVS Office (185 SAS Building) and provide your Buck ID numbers to us, we can grant you swipe access to the Lounge.
Favorite thing to do in Columbus: "There are a surprising amount of heavily wood parks, trails, and neighborhoods that you can take a walk through. Most places don't even seem like they're in a city which is very nice." 

Grant Hoyt

RolePeer Sponsor 

Branch: United States Navy 

Academic Program: B.A Air Transportation 

Hometown: San Diego, CA 

Reason for Choosing Ohio State: I wanted a school that would allow me to earn a degree while simultaneously teaching me how to fly, that was located in a larger city and fostered a D1 school atmosphere!

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: Start easy, don't overwhelm yourself. It can be hard coming back to school after some time away, and while starting classes is exciting, take the easy classes first and ease yourself back into it.    

Most Influential Experience at Ohio State:  Meeting industry-connected pilots that offer inside tips and tricks to really get ahead in such a challenging and arduous industry!
Most Useful Campus Resource: OSU's Recreational Sports Office has afforded me a great segway into meeting new students and breaking into new groups through boxing, rowing, and even running Tough Mudders!

Favorite thing to do in Columbus: I have always felt comfortable behind a camera and even though Columbus might feel like a "little-big city", I assure you whether you're into photography, videography, painting, drawing etc., there are always abundant scenes of nature, street races, nightlife, cityscapes, and more to capture or take in.

Charlie Bertemes

RolePeer Sponsor 

Branch: United States Air Force 

Academic Program: Air Transportation   

Hometown: Springfield OH 

Reason for Choosing Ohio State:  I have been a buckeye fan my entire life. There is nowhere else I would have wanted to go.

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students:  Put yourself out there! Join clubs, go to games and meet everyone. Ohio state may be the largest college in Ohio but after a bit of time it will feel like home.

Most Influential Experience at Ohio State: Meeting hundreds of new friends. 

Most Useful Campus Resource: The multiple gyms on campus. School at times can be stressful. For me going to the gym is a necessity for my physical and mental health.   

Favorite thing to do in Columbus: I enjoy the many different coffee shops around the city.

Brad Amborski

RolePeer Sponsor 

Branch: United States Marine Corps 

Academic Program: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Specialization in Real Estate & Urban Analysis  

Hometown: Toledo, OH

Reason for Choosing Ohio State: I wanted to go to a bigger school while staying within driving distance to home. Ohio State was the best option for me.  

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: Getting out of the military and going to school is like being dumped off in foreign country. Get involved! I cannot express enough how important this is.

Most Influential Experience at Ohio State: Working at the Military and Veteran Services office. This was my first step in getting involved and caused my school experience to change for the better.

Most Useful Campus Resource: Military and Veteran Services office. This office can literally answer every question or at least point you in the right direction.

Favorite thing to do in Columbus: I really enjoy being around campus to be honest. Campus has everything you need and there is so much good food in the surrounding area.

Emma Patterson

Role: Peer Sponsor

Branch: Air Force

Academic Program: B.A in Political Science

Hometown: Canton, OH

Reason for Choosing Ohio State: "I wanted to attend a school that had a strong political science program and diverse student body. I was able to find that here at OSU!"

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: "Make sure you get involved with the organizations here on campus. They are a great opportunity to make friends and get connected with the campus environment."

Most Influential Experience at Ohio State: "I received an opportunity to go to Washington, DC for advocacy on behalf of the students here at OSU. I loved the hands-on experience and a chance to talk with lawmakers."

Most Useful Campus Resource: "The RPAC. It is a great place to work out and has such a variety of group fitness classes. They also have two of the best places to eat on campus, especially helpful for when you're limited to a dining plan."

Favorite thing to do in Columbus: "Columbus has so many concerts, this past month I was able to see Lorde on the Wonderbus tour!"