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Congressman Stivers Visits OSU Veteran's House​​

Congressman Stivers Visits OSU Veteran's House

August 27, 2013

Congressman Steve Stivers visited The Ohio State University's own Veteran's House on August 26, 2013.  The Representative from Ohio was able to meet with the student-veteran residents, including House RA Austin Koeneman, and Mike Carrell from OSU's Office of Military & Veteran Services.  In addition to a welcome and tour, Congressman Stivers was able to speak with the residents and hear concerns and challenges that veterans face as they enroll in college. 

Upon arrival on campus, veterans face a threefold transition challenge, unlike other students.  First, they are transitioning to college like all students--except they have most likely been out of school for a while since veterans are typically between 24-40 years old.  Second, they are transitioning from the military to civilian life.  This affects all veterans, whether they served 4 years or 25.  It is a transition from a culture that is exclusively focused on the team and mission success to one now focused on yourself and their new mission of academic success.  Finally, and most challenging, many veterans are transitioning from combat.  This is particularly tough, and one reason the Veteran's House was started--it allows the students to share their experiences with others who have a first-hand appreciation of it.  Student-Veterans are asked to make these three transitions simultaneously, which can be very hard.  This program, and many others that OSU offers student-veterans, helps to ease that transition and support them in their quest to succeed in the classroom.

Congressman Stivers also heard from OSU's Jim Miller on the efforts he has spearheaded to renovate the house.  To date, numerous community donors have joined in to give time, resources, and expertise  to ensure the Veterans House exceeds student expectations in every way.  These efforts, coupled with OSU offering various programs and new services for student-veterans, aim to make The Ohio State University a true "Home" for all student-veterans