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​​​​​Community Advocates


​Meet Our Community Ad​vocates

Don Caluya

Don Caluya.jpg

Office: Rec Sports

Service Branch: Air Force

Academic Program: ​B.A. in Air Transportation

Hometown: Huron, MI

Reason for Choosing Ohio State: "Ohio State is considered to be one of the higher echelon public programs for Aviation. Their instructors and curriculum are second to none in Air Transportation."

Elena Camacho​

Office: Suicide Prevention

Service Branch: Army

Academic Program: B.A. in Psychology

Hometown:​ Galloway, OH

Mike Carroll​​

Office: Mansfield Campus

Service Branch: Marine Corps

Academic Program: B.S. in Business Management

Hometown: Mansfield, OH

Reason for Choosing Ohio State: ​"I chose to attend Ohio State because it had always been an aspiration of mine. The university offers great prospects for a successful career and traditions that are a part of the lives of many Ohioans."

Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark.jpg

Office: Admissions and First Year Experience

Service Branch: Army

Academic Program: B.A. in Arts Management, Minor in Nonprofit Studies

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: "The biggest tip I would suggest is to get involved. I started small with the Vets4Vets group and it allowed me to branch out and begin finding other groups and organizations to get involved with. Before I knew it I had plans throughout the week and on weekends while also meeting and connecting with a variety of people with different backgrounds and interests."

Jennifer Dane

Jennifer Dane.jpg

Office: Student Advocacy Center

Service Branch: Air Force

Academic Program: Ph.D. in Educational Studies: Educational Policy

Hometown: Lubbock, TX

Reason for choosing Ohio State: "I came to The Ohio State University because of the profound knowledge and wisdom of the faculty in the Educational Studies Department. More specifically, I wanted to study under Dr. Jackie Blount. Dr. Blount's scholarship and teaching methods bring education and education history to life in ways that are powerful, thought provoking, and life changing. I knew from the moment I talked to her that Ohio State was the place I would call home."  ​

Walt Gouldin

Walt Gouldin.jpg

Office: Fisher College of Business

Service Branch: Army

Academic Program: M.B.A. in Operations and Logistics

Hometown: Warsaw, VA

Reason for Choosing Ohio State: "During my first tour at The Ohio State University, I immediately noticed the family atmosphere and support for Veterans.  As my wife and I prepared to transition from military service, I knew that The Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University would be the best location for me to learn and grow while earning an MBA near family and pursuing a career in business."

Jarod Gray

Office: Military and Veterans Services

Service Branch: Marine Corps

Academic Program: B.S. in Operations Management

Hometown: South Euclid, OH

Adam Hagelberger

Adam Hagelberger.jpg

Office: Student Legal Services

Service Branch: Army National Guard

Academic Program: B.S. in Environment, Economy, Development, & Sustainability

Hometown: Sandusky, OH

Most Influential Experience at Ohio State: "Studying abroad in Australia with the school of environment and natural resources in Summer 2017. The program was called Sustaining Human societies and the environment."

Scott Hencye

Scott Hencye.jpg

Office: Buckeye Careers​

Service Branch: Marine Corps

Academic Program: M.H.R.M. in Human Resource Management

Hometown: Mansfield, OH

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: "Find other vets, and start networking. Regardless of your major, start looking for internship opportunities as early as possible."

August Kahle

August Kahle.jpg

Office: Fisher College of Business

Service Branch: Navy

Academic Program: B.S. in Operations Management, Minors in German and Engineering Sciences​​

Hometown: Dayton, OH

Most Useful Campus Resource: "My most used campus resource has been the veteran's lounge. This has been a great location for me to study between classes, meet and socialize with fellow veteran and military students, and print study materials and assignments. I feel that this is a great resource for veteran and military students that is sometimes under-utilized."

Gretchen Klingler

Gretchen Klingler.jpg

Office: Military and Veterans Services

Service Branch: Air Force

Academic Program: B.A. in Anthropology and Arabic, Minor in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Hometown: West Liberty, OH

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: "Introduce yourself and get involved!  When people know your name, what you do, and your interests, they can introduce you to their network and set you up for success, including your instructors!  Your professors are people who have spent their lives in their specialized fields; treating them as mentors and showing them that you take your studies seriously will make you stand out in a positive way."

Garet Kuecher​

Garet Kuecher.jpg

Office: Athletics

Service Branch: Army

Academic Program: B.S.B.A. in Finance

Hometown: Uhrichsville, OH

Reason for Choosing Ohio State: "The reasons why I chose Ohio State are a lot like the reasons why I joined the military: the tradition, the pride, and the challenge. Ever since I was a child I've dreamt about becoming a Buckeye, and as I transitioned out of the military I wanted to make my childhood dream come true. I know the day I receive my diploma in The Shoe will be one of the proudest moments of my life."

Emma Larson

Emma Larson.jpg

Office: Off-Campus and Commuter Services

Service Branch: Army National Guard

Academic Program: B.S. in ​Molecular Genetics

Hometown: Lakewood, OH

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: "Don’t be afraid to join something or to try something new. Ohio State students are very welcoming and there’s a group for everyone to be a part of. It’s a great way to make friends and build connections. Get up, get out there and get involved!"

Antonio Marcum

Antonio Marcum.jpg

Office: Parent and Family Relations

Service Branch: Navy

Academic Program: B.S. in Computer and Information Science

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Most Useful Campus Resource: "The campus resource that I have made the most use of is the Office of Military and Veteran Services. This office can be busy at times but always offers assistance and answers any questions that you have regarding your military and veterans benefits. Another useful aspect is that they provide useful contact and campus information for veterans."​

Matt Mayo

Matt Mayo.jpg

Office: College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences

Service Branch: Army

Academic Program: B.S. in Construction Systems Management

Hometown: Athens, TN

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: "Treat school like it is your job. Plan your work and work your plan. Your time at Ohio State will open many doors; take advantage of every opportunity. Join the club/s that correspond with your major. Attend networking events. Go to as many career fairs as you possibly can. Intern, intern, intern. Take on leadership roles. Set the example for students. After you work hard, play hard. Never forget your military values."

James Moore

James Moore.jpg

Office: Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Service Branch: Marine Corps Reserves

Academic Program: B.S. in Health Information Management & Systems

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: "Everything comes down to relationships. Be genuine and practice active listening because you’re building your personal brand in every interaction. People will appreciate you when you are truly curious. Be honest when you don’t know something, demonstrate that you want to improve yourself, and give of yourself when you can. The opportunities that abound at Ohio State and beyond rely on people. When your professors and others offer their time or ask of yours, make yourself available."

Gano Patel

Gano Patel.jpg

Office: Career Counseling and Support Services

Service Branch: Air National Guard

Academic Program: B.S. in Welding Engineering

Hometown: Sidney, OH

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: "Everything will feel like a mess but just be patient with the first few weeks of the academic year. Attend classes and recitations if you have one. Realize that you are a college student now. No one is dictating your life but YOURSELF."

Mark Ruther

Mark Ruther.jpg

Office: College of Dentistry

Service Branch: Air Force

Academic Program: D.D.S. in Dentistry

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: "Be proactive! Countless support networks exist to help you succeed. Find what type of education/job/career/activity makes you the happiest and pursue it to the fullest. Be your own boss and make it happen. Do not take no for an answer. Create a ten year plan and make use of veteran benefits and other campus re​sources to get to where you want to be. Enjoy the ride and the destination!"

Emilie Sheridan

Emilie Sheridan.jpg

Office: Student Activities

Service Branch: Army National Guard

Academic Program: B.A. in​ Political Science

Hometown: Fort Recovery, OH

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: "Get out of your comfort zone and try to get involved in at least one group on campus. It is so easy to keep to yourself and do things you're used to doing, but the amazing thing about this university is that is has such a diverse campus that it is impossible to not find at least one place where you fit in and still are challenging yourself. It will help you feel more connected to campus and make friends much more easily."

Nick Siegrist

Office: Lima Campus

Service Branch: Navy

Academic Program: B.A. in​​​ History

Hometown: Fort Loramie, OH

Reason for Choosing Ohio State: "My whole family lives in Ohio and my brother is an alumnus of OSU. I chose to attend Lima because I like the smaller class member to professor ratio."​

Colin Winter​

​​Colin Winter.jpg

Office: College of Social Work

Service Branch: Army

Academic Program: M.S.W. in Social Work

Hometown: ​​East Providence, RI

Biggest Tip for New/Transitioning Students: "There are three tips that will most likely contribute to a positive transition and overall success for new or transitioning students at THE Ohio State University. Become involved with organizations on campus/around Central Ohio; learn and utilize resources that are available to you; and make the most of every opportunity that you may come across during your time at Ohio State."​