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Career Connection

​Career Connection

Career Connection provides individualized career assistance to veterans who are current undergraduate and graduate students.  Limited services are also provided to recent graduates.  Our services include:

* One-on-one career counseling to help veterans with their questions about majors, careers, graduate school, or making the transition from college to the workplace.  The counselors/consultants help veterans clarify their goals, explore personal concerns related to career decisions, and develop a plan of action through high quality and diversity-sensitive services.

* Job campaign assistance to help veterans develop the tools (resumes, vitae, and cover letters) they need to promote themselves to employers, while including the transferable skills learned in the military.  Additionally, we help veterans improve their interviewing skills through role plays and recorded mock interviews.

* Workshops and group counseling to address the needs of students who have similar career concerns.  We provide a variety of programs every quarter ranging from how majors relate to careers to job search strategies.  We also provide on-site programs for student organizations, residence halls, academic programs and/or other departments on campus.

* Career assessments and resources to help veterans generate career options based on their interests, skills, values, and personality traits.  We also help veterans use various web-based resources to access information about career descriptions, salary statistics, and graduate programs to help them make career decisions.

* EDU PAES 270.02 is taught by Career Connection staff in collaboration with the College of Education and Human Ecology.  Students can enroll who have questions about their major, career, or job search process. This class is 3 credit hours and is graded S/U.

Career Connection is located on the second floor of the Younkin Success Center or we can be reached at (614) 688-3898 or​