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At Ease
  • ​​​​Nearly 2200 military connected people attend our university as undergraduate, graduate, and professional students
  • Many Veterans describe that going from a structured military environment to a loose college environment presents challenges
  • Society often portrays Veterans in a dualistic way-- as either broken or super heroes
  • Most times, these stereotypes prevent Veterans from seeking mental health services in fear that they will fall into the more negative stereotype
  • At Ease aims to undermine these stereotypes. It is a monthly​ student veteran story which seeks to promote mental health and highlight Veterans' stories in a healthy manner

List of Resources on Campus

Counseling and Consultation Services: 614-292-5766

Suicide Prevention Services: 614-221-5445

OSU Suicide Prevention for Veterans

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255 (ext. 1)

OSU Military and Veterans Services: 614-247-VETS (8387)

BART (Bias or Discrimination): 614-688-8449

Office of Disability Services: 614-292-4190

VA Vet Success on Campus: Angela Abel, 614-688-1602

LGBTQ Resources:​